The Brilliant Us

Lab Visitors

Frenk van Harreveld

Frenk van Harreveld is an associate professor of social psychology at the University of Amsterdam. Subsequent to obtaining his PhD at the University of Amsterdam he worked for the world’s largest consulting firm Accenture, after which he returned to academia. He has worked as a visiting researcher at the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. His research concerns various aspects of uncertainty. Frenk’s research on attitudes and decision-making examines various forms of evaluative conflict such as attitudinal ambivalence, decision reversibility and regret. Other forms of uncertainty that he investigates are risk perception, lack of control and mortality salience. Frenk is Head of Studies at the Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE) bachelor program of the University of Amsterdam and Strategic Research Program coordinator at the National Institute for Public Health and Safety.

Matthew D. Rocklage

I’m a South Dakota native who earned my PhD in social psychology with a minor in statistics and quantitative methods at Ohio State University working with Dr. Russ Fazio. I’m currently an assistant professor of Marketing at University of Massachusetts at Boston.

方雪 Xue Fang
化学 2015级本科 (Chemistry 2015)

Xue studied chemistry in the school of physical science and technology and minored in innovation and entrepreneurship in ShanghaiTech. She is a graduate student studying chemistry at University of Bristol. Taking taekwondo, painting, playing the piano and traveling as hobbies, Xue has a comprehensive background. Willing to challenge new field, also good at observing and analyzing details, she prefers to be an instructor in the future.

Ji Xia

  Ji’s research focuses on how motivational forces (goals, evolutionary needs, etc.) could shape people’s cognitions and behaviors. Primarily, he’s interested in motivational factors that hold the potential in influencing how people react to persuasive information as well how they perceive their own reactions (metacognition) and subsequently, how these processes could affect the ways people form/change their attitudes. Ji is originally from China, and received his B.S. (in 2013) and M.S. (in 2016) degree from the University of Iowa.

Zhenrong (Neo) Chen

  Zhenrong Chen (B.S. 2018, Biological Science, ShanghaiTech University) was one of the first members of ARLab. Realizing the potential challenges and prospects in technique management integration in the biological field, he hopes to enter a scientific consulting company after getting his master degree.